Ben Rothlesberger of the Steelers resting in front of Brown, Mason Rudolph was chosen as a starter in the regular season final

Ben Rothlesberger of the Steelers resting in front of Brown, Mason Rudolph was chosen as a starter in the regular season final
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The road to the qualifiers became a little easier for Cleveland Browns. They started their week trying to recover from a loss at the hands of the dreary New York Jets, Knowing that they will need to be defeated Pittsburgh Steelers For a seat in the tournament. As it turns out, this is no longer the case Ben Rothlesberger They will need to install hatches in order to. Head coach Mike Tomlin announced Tuesday that the team has decided to rest the 38-year-old when visiting Cleveland, and to name the reserve midfielder. Mason Rudolph As the beginning of the end of the regular season.

The Steelers clinched the North Asia title thanks to his shocking win over the team Indianapolis Colts In Week 16, Tomlin indicated that he would now send the selected players “by airmail” to the qualifiers. However, impromptu farewell week won’t extend to everyone, but Roethlisberger – the one the team wants in full force for a potential Super Bowl tour.

Tomlin added, according to Andrew Ceciliano: “The vast majority of the players who were playing, will play.” NFL Network.

For Browns, it would be another encounter with Rudolph, after he defeated him at Cleveland in 2019 in a contest Will Live Forever in NFL Shame. The end of both Rudolph and First Pro defensive Miles Jarrett They move on from brawling, as their teams have, and the focus is now on Browns trying to take advantage of inexperienced Rudolph as Rudolph tries to completely end Braun’s match hopes.

In the aforementioned 2019 match, Rudolph shot 221 yards but completed only 23 of 44 passes and made four interceptions to finish the day with a grim rating of 36.3 bystanders. He was also fired four times and Brown fell 12 QB hits on him. It won’t be any easier for him this time, especially with so much at stake for Browns and nothing at stake for the Steelers except for bragging rights and ensuring he won’t see Cleveland again until 2021. After losing two of their last four matches, including … That’s one on Gates, if Brown fails to qualify because they can’t get past Rudolph – many will say they never deserved to be there in the first place.

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So, oddly enough, there is more pressure on coach Kevin Stefansky to accomplish this, because QB2 is what stands between him and his team debut since 2002.

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