IPhone 5s not released black and slate photos are shared online

IPhone 5s not released black and slate photos are shared online

Twitter user Embed a Tweet She has today Shared photos From the prototype Iphone 5s in black and unpublished slate.

IPhone‌ 5s Release In September 2013. The device is distinguished Contact ID, 64-bit processor, and True Tone LED flash for the first time. Other new features included a five-element lens with f / 2.2 aperture, a 15% larger camera sensor, Burst mode, and Slo-Mo 720p video capture at 120 fps.

TheiPhone‌ 5s offered gold and space color options for the first time, and it was also available in silver. The previous generation iPhone‌ 5 was available in white, silver, black and slate. This iPhone‌ 5s prototype is very unusual because it uses the iPhone 5’s black and slate color option.

While it was possible that Apple was considering introducing the iPhone‌ 5s in black and slate, before choosing Space Gray instead, DongleBookPro suggests that the color was likely used to help mask the next-generation device during development.

IPhone 5s Black Slate Front

Additionally, it is also noted that the iPhone‌ 5s prototype was manufactured in December 2012, just three months after IPhone 5 launch And nine months before his announcement. This provides some indications of how advanced the iPhone‌ development cycle is.

The iPhone 5’s black and slate color option was eventually dropped in favor of Space Gray on the ‌iPhone‌ 5s, which has generally been a mainstay of the iPhone’s color options‌ ever since. The only models that have not been available in the Space Gray variant since then have been the ‌iPhone‌ 7. IPhone 11And the IPhone 12And and IPhone 12 Pro.

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Black and Slate was a short-lived color scheme for Apple’s hardware, with only option available for iPhone‌5, first generation. iPad mini, And the fifth generation of iPod Touch. The end has also been rejected.ScuffSome users of the iPhone‌ 5 complained about the tendency of black and slate to easily cut, scratch and scuff, which may have contributed to stopping it.

DongleBookPro regularly publishes photos of unreleased Apple devices and prototypes, such as the first generation IPod touch prototype In glossy black, on 2013 Mac Pro model and first generation Mac mini with iPod nano docking station.

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