The screams of the Patriots dangle over a possible Adam Gates denouement

The screams of the Patriots dangle over a possible Adam Gates denouement

Gates left Gillette Stadium two years ago after losing 38-3 that ended their season, and they fired coach Todd Bowles hours later.

They hired Adam Gas less than two weeks later, hoping he can restore the franchise to the winning track. This didn’t happen, and now he’s leading Gates to the Gillette Stadium again for the last game of the season which will definitely be his last match as head coach.

There is little doubt that the planes will launch Gase on Sunday night or Monday morning, after a poor two-year spell as a coach. Ghazi 9-22 enters this match as head coach, 2-13 this season. His fouls ranked 32 in the league for the second season in a row, and midfielder Sam Darnold did not improve under his watch.

All this adds up to an easy decision for CEO Christopher Johnson to make. Gase did his best to ignore his job situation and keep preparing the team. He did well at it, having won the previous two matches after starting the year 0-13.

Gase said last week, “I probably learned when I was 22 years old, Nick Saban told me, ‘You do your job until someone tells you differently.’ So, this is what I’m going to focus on, and my job is to prepare us to go on Sunday and try to win the match. “

Speculation about the status of the Gase function is nothing new. Planes rented him days after he was driven out by the dolphins. He was not popular with fans from the start, and there were calls for him to be fired early in his first season.

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I mean, this is what it is, Ghez said, “I’ve been here for two years, [and] I think it started in the sixth week of last year. “

An interesting side story for this week was the praise given to Gas by Patriots coach Bill Belisik. The Patriots (6-9) are in their worst season since 2000. There could be changes to Bilesic’s crew after this season, and there is a belief in Boston that Bilesic might want to hire gas.

“I have a lot of respect for Adam. I think he is a very good coach,” Bilesik said last week. “It was always difficult to train against him. He always made things difficult in our defense. … I think he did an excellent job. “

So, Gase might be on his last match with the Jets, but he might train again at Gillette soon.

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