Tom Allen responds to Indiana by removing the Big Ten logo on the uniform

Tom Allen responds to Indiana by removing the Big Ten logo on the uniform

After Indiana They were seen removing the Big Ten logos on their uniforms before the Outback Bowl Against Ole Mays, Head Coach Tom Allen Answered. It looks like Indiana is upset or sending a message at the conference, at least depending on who they are on social media.

However, despite not receiving a Citrus Bowl invitation like Northwestern or perhaps upset by the Big Ten’s decision to put Ohio into the Big Ten championship game, Allen has a different reason. Allen said the “LEO” message on the helmets was their team motto.

He explained in a statement released on Friday evening.

“To illustrate what we’re wearing on our costume and our helmet in the Outback Bowl tomorrow: Since I assumed the position of Head Coach for Indiana, the motto for this program has been LEO, We Love Each Other,” Allen said in a statement. “This season was the toughest we’ll ever experience, and we felt it was appropriate for the LEO show, which carried us through one of the most historic years in Indiana football history. We had no intention of showing disrespect to anyone. We are a proud member of the Big Ten.” We always represent our conference. LEO is the foundation of our program and we want to bring 2021 with focus on our team and love each other. Leo!

Indiana competes for Ole Miss (4-5) in the usual upper-class pot game, but maybe a message Indiana sent if not just an interesting coincidence.

“Energy levels are high,” Indiana state defender Jamar Johnson said this week. We know what’s at stake. We know this software has only won three pot matches. We are checking us this year to do whatever we need to do to win. “

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Johnson even talked about Indiana’s missed opportunity in Gator Powell vs Tennessee in 2019.

“That match was really important,” Johnson said. “It gave us an extra slice on our shoulder to the end. We’ve been so focused this year that we’re going to learn how to finish. We’re going to finish the match instead of” Oh, Indiana is always close here and there but they never came out with a win. “Everyone did what they needed to do. To make sure we finish these games at the end when it really matters. With this chip on our shoulder, we are ready to take ourselves back this year. “

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No. 11 Indiana (6-1) takes on Ole Miss (4-5) at the Outback Bowl on Saturday at 12:30 PM ET.

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