A Pennsylvania restaurant owner “totally shocked” with the help of Barstall’s Trust

A Pennsylvania restaurant owner “totally shocked” with the help of Barstall’s Trust

a Pennsylvania The owner of the restaurant was left speechless when she discovered that the Barstall viral fundraising box was helping them to stay afloat in midst Coronavirus pandemic hardship.

More than 30% of businesses in Keystone state have closed due to closings and regulations, according to the Washington Examiner reports.

Dave Portney’s “ Barstool Fund ” Reaches $ 20 Million To Help More Than 90 Small Businesses During The Epidemic

Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, called Jaime Weber a week after her kids sent a video on Christmas Day.

“I was totally shocked,” said Webber, owner of Flanigan’s Boathouse at Conshohocken.Fox and Friends. “

“I hope I give Dave the most hugs ever, and everyone else continues to donate,” she added. “It’s huge. A bunch of restaurants near us just got some money too, and we’re so happy for them!”

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The fund, set up by Portnoy, is helping the mother and pop stores grappling with financial hardship due to government mandates.

Weber said there are no words to describe the amount of money her company was providing because it was able to re-hire some employees.

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“It means the world,” she said. “We are very blessed.”

Portnoy started the Barstool Fund with $ 500,000 and has now raised $ 23 million to help struggling small businesses survive across the county.

Joseph A. contributed to this report. Wolfson from Fox News.

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