Alabama tramples LSU in a record-breaking victory

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Alabama just can’t miss it.

Like the kind of fever that your basketball dreamed of, Crimson Tide’s first game as a ranked team was, frankly, outrageous.

The 105-75 win at LSU was thanks to eight in a row thanks to a subconscious first half that defied logic and never ended. Alabama broke its SEC record for 3-pointers with a score of 23, and came just below the NCAA score of 28.

Alabama (12-3, 7-0 SEC) now has its longest winning streak since 2002 while advancing two matches in the SEC standings. His total score was 105 points, equivalent to the highest level in the Nate Oats era after he scored that total in an overtime win in Georgia last year.

He did it amazingly on a night the lead went to 43 in the second half. Freshman Darius Miles set the record 3 with 3:00 to play on one of the nights Tide scored 23 of 43 from the depths. That’s a staggering 53.5% of the record-breaking set at Auburn in overtime last year. The tide needed 59 attempts to hit the previous record of 22 last year, or 37.2%.

They did this without one of the best 3 shooters making one. Jaden Shackelford was 0-3 deep but led the team at plus minus on the stats sheet.

John Betty covered him. The biggest player was the star who made the first seven attempts from 3 points and finished 8 to 10 from long range.

Betty said, “Shooting really well, feels like another day in the gym, another day shooting in the lab.” “When I feel when I’m in an area like this, I feel like I’m in the gym photographing myself.”

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From there, the cast joined in to cross the 100-point mark for the first time this season.

Betty had scored 21 out of 24 in the first half when he led Alabama up to 31 before halftime against the LSU team who had won four in a row before Tuesday night.

Afterwards, Oates said, “I was a little worried about going into the game because we’re going to be a little bit excited or something.”

It was actually quite the opposite.

Android 18 Tide shot out and never slowed down. She crafted six of her first seven from behind the arch to lead 18-4. He eventually became a Petty-backed 17-0 game, then apprentice Josh Primo and point keeper Jahvon Quinerly.

The lead hit 20 on the second television timeout and he was 23 after Betty hit his sixth in a row 3 before the others participated. Herbert Jones added 13.

Primo made his first five of the rear while Quinnerley was hooking up on his first three. Both joined Betty North 20 as they both scored 22.

The barrage of shooting was not something Oates experienced as a coach.

“We’re playing for # 1 in the SEC and coming out with a lot of players shooting like this? No, I never did … That was kind of crazy,” he said.

Alabama went to the first half and made 14 of 19 out of the Ocean by a 60-32 lead. That ledge swelled to 89-46 when hot shooting continued after the break. Quinerly went 3 versus 3 depth to help propel the lead up to a 43-point peek.

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The only thing slowing the attack was the early hours of walking, which reached the 100-point mark 3:17 on the left. Oats wasn’t overly enthusiastic about how the 30-point win ended up.

“I was a bit disappointed with the way we closed the game in the last (eight minutes),” Oates said. “We’re going to clean up this game. It might not be a lot of cleanups but we’re going to clean up. … Once we think there’s nothing else to improve on, you take a step back.”

Alabama host Mississippi (9-6, 4-3 SEC) at 5 pm Cairo time Saturday with a bullet in a 2002-03 nine-team winning streak.

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