Bills’ Josh Allen hits Stefon Diggs with a 35-yard TD kick

Bills’ Josh Allen hits Stefon Diggs with a 35-yard TD kick

ORCARD PARK, NY – The Buffalo Bills maintained the lead on Saturday over the Indianapolis Colts in a 35-yard pass in the fourth quarter in their AFC wildcard match.

This was Allen’s third achievement of 30 air yards on Saturday. It’s the first time Allen has completed three passes over 30 air yards in one game.

The Bills advanced early on the shot putter from Allen to the narrow end Dawson Knox.

In second and third places off the Colts 3-yard streak, Allen picked up what looked like a determined run but was quickly met by the Indianapolis defenders Tecuan Lewis And the Anthony Walker. Allen rushed to his right and stayed upright long enough to see Knox wide open in the end zone. When he was brought to the ground, Allen directed the ball towards Knox, who caught it and no one around him.

Allen was an electrician on the drive, scrambling 12 yards for the first time before hitting Diggs for a 36-yard win in the next play. The Diggs were hit almost immediately after the hunt, but they were held up to set the bills at the Colts’ 37-yard line. Allen completed 5 of 7 road passes for 67 yards and score.

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