Chefs’ Chad Henny missed the hashtag after beating Brown in the qualifiers

Chefs' Chad Henny missed the hashtag after beating Brown in the qualifiers

Chad Henny was forced to play in Sunday’s play-off match for a team Presidents of Kansas City when Patrick Mahomes He came down with a head injury and left the game.

Henny, the 11-year-old veteran midfielder making his playoff debut, was mocked on social media when he threw a bad protest at Cleveland Browns Defensive full-back Carl Joseph in the fourth quarter. But he became the champion in the Chiefs’ next command.

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On 3 and 14 with two minutes remaining, Henne defended 13 yards, almost diving for the first time to close the game. In the next play, Hain delivered a short pass to the Terek Hill To get first place and win the game at the end.

Kansas City won, 22-17.

Mahomes tweeted about Hain after the match. #HenneThingIsPossible was trending on Twitter.

It looks like the veteran midfielder admitted after the match that he isn’t on social media much.

Patrick Mahoms is “doing a great job” after being injured while playing, Andy Reed says

“Other than LinkedIn, I don’t think #HenneGivenSunday or #HenneThingIsPossible will appear on LinkedIn,” Henn said. “But, no, it’s great for him to have the confidence, just like I said before, once I got into that rally, everyone trusted me. They were pushing for me, they supported me, and that’s a great team. It’s a great team. Great opportunity. To go there and play with this team and win. “

Henn has been in the NFL since the 2008 season.

The Miami Dolphin He drafted it in the second round with a choice of # 57 overall. He was the fourth midfield player after Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Brian Broome.

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Play for Jacksonville Jaguars And joined the presidents in 2019.

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In 71 career matches, he has 13,208 yards and 60 touchdown passes.

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