Deshawn Fenwick, South Carolina, is committing a backward move, to Oregon State Bevers

Deshawn Fenwick, South Carolina, is committing a backward move, to Oregon State Bevers

This off-season, Oregon State Beavers officially learned what they had already expected months ago – that the program should replace running-back superstar Jermar Jefferson after he announced the NFL draft.

Oregon is set to return to junior contestants BJ Baylor and recently signed Jefferson High School star Damir Collins, but he had no comeback on the list who collected 150 yards on the ground at university level last season.

Until this week.

On Tuesday, Deschamps Fenwick in South Carolina announced his commitment to Beavers on Instagram:

He said, “I really enjoy the system.” “We sat and looked at it, and it seemed to be a system in which I could excel – as much as the people around me … mid-back, forward. When I was watching the movie with the coaches, I could tell that Germar is a really good fullback, first and foremost. I thought that the plays that he was successful in running were plays that I could also succeed in. ”

Last season, the 6-foot-220-pound sophomore student darted 297 yards and drops, at an average of 5.5 yards per load.

The sophomore, who is expected to qualify next season, has three years to play three years.

Fenwick, originally from Bradenton, Florida, was A. 247 three-star mathematical possibilities in the 2018 category, Ranked the nation No. 15 all-purpose again.

It is the second transfer from the Securities and Exchange Commission that Oregon has added to the list off-season, where he joined Wide reception, Georgia Makiya tongue.

In December, Oregon signed the youngest recruiting class in the program’s recent history – eight pledges – and it appeared poised to add multiple prospects for the transfer portal this season.

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With two already in the folds on the offensive side of the ball, beavers may soon turn to defense for extra plug-and-play assistance.

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