Google is investigating an AI researcher about processing sensitive data

Google is investigating an AI researcher about processing sensitive data

“Our security systems automatically close the employee’s company account when they discover that the account is at risk of being hacked due to accreditation issues or when an automated rule is launched that includes handling sensitive data,” she said. The current situation. “In this case, our systems discovered yesterday that one account had infiltrated thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts.”

Such as Bloomberg Notes, Mitchell Express support By Gebru on Twitter and criticized Google and other tech giants for how they deal with issues of gender, race, and systemic bias. On Tuesday, Mitchell criticized the upcoming meeting of Google CEO Sundar Pichai with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.

Gibro, who is Black and worked with Mitchell on the Ethical AI team, claims Google fired her. She had indicated that she might quit if the company did not meet its demands. Google blocked Gebru’s access to email and Tell her reports She quit.

Thousands of Google employees, academics, and more Sign an open letter To support Gebru. Pichai has apologized for how the company handled the issues surrounding her departure He pledged to investigate. Google employees Formed a union Shortly thereafter.

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