I’ve been told I was kicked out by planes. It’s “ news for me. “

I've been told I was kicked out by planes. It's `` news for me. "

Gates coach Adam Gas said on Wednesday that he has not been told by the Gates ownership that he will be fired after the end of the season Sunday against the Patriots.

he was there Report from WFAN on Tuesday He said aircraft ownership told Gase he would be fired.

“That was news for me,” said Gus. “No one told me that.”

While Gase was not informed of the decision, the expectation is that Jets CEO and Chairman Christopher Johnson will fire Gase after the match against the Patriots. Gase 9-22 within two years as a team coach.

Ghazi said he is not focusing on his career status.

“I probably knew when I was 22, Nick Saban told me that you were doing your job so that someone would tell you differently,” said Gus. “This is what I will focus on. My job is to get us ready to go on Sunday and try to win the match.”

The aircraft won two consecutive matches after starting 0-13. The attack planes were terrible under Gase, whose background is on the offensive side of the ball. Gus was asked if he was concerned that his reputation as an attacking coach had taken a heavy toll as the Jets occupied the 32nd NFL attack for the second season in a row.

“I don’t know if anxiety is really the right word,” said Gus. “It’s just … I mean it pisses me off. If there’s only one side of the ball I want to make sure it’s right, it’s that side. It didn’t happen and this is on me.”

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