Max Holloway Dominates Calvin Train in Leading Performance | Fight Island UFC 7

Max Holloway Dominates Calvin Train in Leading Performance |  Fight Island UFC 7

Max Holloway and Calvin Train face off tonight (Saturday, January 16, 2021) in a major featherweight showdown from “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at UFC Fight Island 7. Two of the best forwards weigh 145 pounds. Both men are looking to take a step closer to the title. For Max Holloway, his only chance to reclaim the crown is to win a full set of back-to-back fights, or at least stay on the winning pole until Alexander Volkanovsky advances the title.

Instead, a train is riding a powerful wave of momentum in this match. If he is able to dislodge the former champ, then there is a real chance Katar will exit the octagon with the title shot secured.

Get ready for the main event tonight and follow along for live updates and highlights:

first round

A train lands on first hit at night, hard low kick. Katar sticks to his hitting, another low kick. Good Left Hook from Holloway. Holloway fires a mix, cuts the lead calf. Holloway drops a few more low kicks and sticks a jab. Qattar strikes cleanly again. Holloway’s pressure reached a train, as he touched his body. A train scores a clean couple, but Holloway immediately returns him to the defensive position with a multi-punch combination. The cruel right hand bumps into Holloway’s jaw – Hawaii is burning! Heavy back kick from Holloway, followed by another clean right hand.

The second round

Holloway’s straight punches are quite crisp, and they land quickly in a second. Record a train with a left hook. Holloway tore the body apart several times in a row. Clean 1-2 degrees for a train. He didn’t perform a bad train when he threw, but Holloway simply drowns him out with tricks and volume. Other points are good for the left hook of a train, although Holloway answered immediately. Holloway leaned forward, mixing his knees in his attack. Holloway’s pressure was relentless, and he stung a train with his right hand! Holloway unleashed a big wave, attempting to force the finish, but Katar wouldn’t fold unless he was put out for good. Holloway fell on several cracked elbows, but a train escaped. Holloway strikes a high kick in the final seconds, nearly finishing a train again at the bell. wow!

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The third round

Holloway stays in attack in third place, attacking with a spinning elbow early. Khattar finds some punches. Train is now looking for potential removal opportunities, but Holloway is defending it. Qattar scores with his strong elbow and elbow. Katar’s big right hand supports Holloway! These two are slowing down! 1-1-2 landing hard on Holloway. Hard body kick from Hawaii then touchdown heavy left. Sinister 1-2 degrees for a train. Holloway blends together with easy grace. Despite throwing an enormous number of strikes, Holloway is not breathing heavily. Qattar finds a good elbow, but his success is very rare to build any momentum. Anytime a train approaches the fence, Holloway and its elbows deteriorate.

The fourth round

Holloway waits nearly zero seconds before releasing a series of hard, straight punches. The train was frozen due to the variety and size of its opponent. Good left hook of a train. Holloway hides its midsection cracks well. A bullet hit him in the left corpse, hurting him, while he was covered along the fence. Holloway attacks his opponent, but Katar releases his hind elbow enough to stay alive for some time. For one minute, Holloway braved his opponent’s unbridled swings to continue digging into his opponent. Holloway lands with a trio of hard elbows, but a train refuses to fall. Good lift from a train. a second. A train is still flowing! Holloway cleverly conceals a kick in the head behind a punch, but Katar manages to block it. “The Boston Finisher” Somehow Survives The Tour!

Fifth round

The strategy and size of Holloway remained the same as for the fifth. The clear footage just keeps communicating with Hawaii, and the staggering Qatar for a while again. Katar finds 1-2-3. Another tough kick spinning back lands for Holloway. Holloway Refuses to Stop Ripping Flesh. Holloway shines on Katar, puts his hands on himself and calls himself the best in the world. After this performance, can anyone argue?

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The result: Max Holloway beats Calvin Katar by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-43, 50-42)

For the full UFC Fight Island 7 “Holloway vs. Kattar” results and play-by-play, click Here!

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