Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick tests positive for COVID-19, versus Buffalo Bills, according to reports

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick tests positive for COVID-19, versus Buffalo Bills, according to reports

Davy, Florida – Veteran midfielder for the Miami Dolphin Ryan Fitzpatrick He has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss Sunday’s match against Buffalo Bills, a source confirmed to ESPN.

Dolphins and NFL conducted an initial contact tracing with no high-risk close contacts identified as of Thursday afternoon, a source told ESPN, but the process will continue. Fitzpatrick trained fully on Wednesday and was not listed in the injury report, but he did not train on Thursday afternoon, suggesting that a positive COVID-19 test was a surprise lately.

Not seasoned Toa Tagophilowa He is the midfielder for the Dolphins main team, but Fitzpatrick was called up twice in the fourth quarter to play coach Brian Flores compared to the role of “ninth savior”. Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins to a 26-25 win over Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday after a dashed 34 yards with a 15-yard face mask penalty that set the match-winning field goal.

Dolphins fell Jake Ruddock To the list of 53 players Thursday, Tagoviloa is expected to reserve Sunday. Taguvilowa, Ruddock and training quarterback Red Senet It is practiced on Thursdays completely.

The NFL Network first reported a positive Fitzpatrick test.

The Dolphins will clinch the playoff berth by beating Beals. They could still make the playoffs with a loss but would need a loss from either the Cleveland Browns (versus the Steelers resting at first), Indianapolis Colts (versus the Jaguars) or the Baltimore Ravens (versus the Bengals). Beals, who snatched the East Asian Championships but could win the second or third seed based on the results of Week 17, was shy about whether he would play at the start.

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Fitzpatrick, 38, is a 4-3 start of the season, throwing 2,091 yards with 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

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