Miles Sanders tears up Galen Horts’ seat decision

Miles Sanders tears up Galen Horts' seat decision

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson A. Bad way to end a miserable season. By replacing Jalen Hurts with Nate Sudfeld, he might be Pederson It lost its own locker room.

There have been a lot of reports of Eagles players venting their frustration with the decision, but few quotes directly from players … as of Tuesday.

Miles Sanders ran back and spoke against the seating of Vultures from Hortus, telling 94WIP, “Nobody likes the decision. “

Sanders’ full quote:

“Hey man, if I’m being honest, nobody likes the decision. Nobody. That’s all I can say. I don’t know who was the main person behind this decision, but all I know is that there are a lot of people on the team.” [who] Was confused. “

Sanders didn’t tear Pederson specifically, but he made it clear that his teammates were frustrated with the move. This puts the entire franchise in a difficult position. If Pederson makes the call, he will spend the entire vacation period justifying a move to his players. If the front office wanted to scramble, Pedersen might be safe, but players would be angry with the organization. Neither option is desirable, especially for a team that comes out of the 4-11-1 season.

Galen Horts pulled out for Nate Sudfield at Week 17

The decision to sit on the bench during the Week 17 match against the Washington soccer team came as a shock to many. With the Eagles trailing by one point in the fourth quarter, Hurts was put on the bench in favor of Sudfield. Hurts didn’t play well until that point, completing only 7 out of 20 attempts at 72 yards and interceptions, but he considered the future of the franchise.

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This step did not work for the Eagles. Sudfeld completed 5 of 12 attempts at 32 yards and interceptions in the final quarter. The The Eagles lost the match 20-14.

Pederson will now be on vacation hoping to not lose more.

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