Ozark, head office for streaming 2020 Nielsen Ratings

Ozark, head office for streaming 2020 Nielsen Ratings

Netflix dominates the top 10 series lists, but Disney + has the majority of the feature film slots.

When Netflix lost the streaming rights to the desk On January 1, it lost more than 57 billion minutes of viewing in the US last year – equivalent to more than 1,000 years of linear time.

However, lovable comics account for less than 15 percent of the time Netflix users spend hitting the 20 best titles in 2020, according to figures from Nielsen. The lists also show that, just over a year after its release, Disney + has had some serious successes in the broadcast wars, whether with its massive library or with some original titles.

The rating service released a list of the most viewed titles in the past year in terms of total minutes viewed in conjunction with its CES show – where it also announced that it will start Feature Film Measurement It was released on VOD platforms.

the desk It is No. 1 by far for the most-watched broadcast title of 2020. The 57.13 billion minutes users spent watching it were 45 percent more than the second-ranked show, Grey’s Anatomy (39.41 billion minutes) Previous NBC series moved to NBCUniversal’s Peacock SVOD Service January 1.

Netflix, with its in-depth catalog of library content, has each of the top 10 obtained series. It includes many other long-range broadcast programs such as NCIS, Criminal Minds And the supernaturalAs well as the latter, darling Amy Chet Creek Showtime shameless. The 10 shows took up about 265.5 billion minutes of watch time in 2020.

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Netflix also has nine of the 10 best original streaming series watched in the US, per Nielsen. Ozark It tops the listAnd the It recorded 30.46 billion minutes of viewing last year. Its third season premiered in late March and earned Bump large width Nielsen said during Season Two.

The only show other than Netflix among the top 10 original works is The Mandalorian, Which collected 14.52 billion minutes of watch time on Disney +. The star Wars The series’ second season has been part of Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings for seven consecutive weeks, the longest such series in 4 and a half months since the company began releasing its top 10 weekly rankings. It will likely go up to eight with the next ranking, which coincides with the end of the season.

Disney + has also flexed its library muscles in the feature film ratings (both original titles and library titles), ranking it in seven of this year’s top 10, including the first two: Frozen II (14.92 billion minutes) and Moana (10.51 billion). Also includes two Disney + titles that were originally intended for a Pixar theatrical release Onwards (8.37 billion minutes watched) and live performance captured for Hamilton (6.13 billion).

Viewers asserted that Nielsen’s methodology does not capture the full range of viewing on devices other than televisions. Nielsen measures only US audiences, not audiences in other countries.

Here is our list of the top 10 streaming Nielsen lists of original series, earned series, and feature films in 2020.

The original series

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Title Director Minutes watched (billions)
Ozark Netflix 30.46
Lucifer Netflix 18.95
the crown Netflix 16.28
King tiger Netflix 15.61
The Mandalorian Disney + 14.52
Parachute Academy Netflix 13.47
Great British Bread Show Netflix 13.28
Baby Boss: Get back to work Netflix 12.63
Longmere Netflix 11.38
You are Netflix 10.97

Acquired string

Title Director Minutes watched (billions)
the desk Netflix 57.13
Grey’s Anatomy Netflix 39.41
Criminal minds Netflix 35.41
NCIS Netflix 28.13
Chet Creek Netflix 23.79
supernatural Netflix 20.34
shameless Netflix 18.22
New girl Netflix 14.55
Black list Netflix 14.48
The Vampire Diaries Netflix 14.09

Feature films

Title Director Minutes watched (billions)
Frozen II Disney + 14.92
Moana Disney + 10.51
The Secret Life of Pets 2 Netflix 9.12
Onwards Disney + 8.37
Dr. Seuss The Grinch Netflix 6.18
Hamilton Disney + 6.13
Covert Spenser Netflix 5.37
Aladdin (2019) Disney + 5.17
Toy Story 4 Disney + 4.42
Zootopia Disney + 4.4

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