Purdue supports fellow Republican senators in challenging the elections, and explains why he did not join them

Purdue supports fellow Republican senators in challenging the elections, and explains why he did not join them

It. David Purdue, R-Ga. Days on the pivot Run-off elections Against Democrat John Usoff, support his fellow Republicans who continue to challenge the November presidential election results.

Purdue has supported the efforts of Republican senators such as Ted Cruz who plan to contest electoral votes from several states when election results are officially announced in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday.

Republican senators want an election commission similar to that which settled the dispute in the 1876 race

“As you know, when I first saw the scale of wrongdoing in December, early December, about our race in November, I called for the resignation of our Secretary of State. I have called repeatedly for a special session of the General Assembly to investigate, to Fox News.”Futures Sunday morning. ”

“Nothing of that happened,” Purdue said. “So I started by calling out that the only thing left for the president is for us to object and I agreed to do so.”

Purdue indicated that he himself would not participate in the contest because even if he won on Tuesday, his victory would not be certified yet.

Later in the interview, Purdue continued his accusations against his Democratic opponent John Usoff, claiming that Ausov had lied about other Chinese ties such as the payment from Hong Kong BCCW Media Ltd., which is associated with the Chinese government.


“They got paid for two years, and he was encouraging people to follow Chinese propaganda, this is what Xinhua News Agency does and this is what PCCW does,” Purdue said, “and he has been involved in that for two years,” claiming that China has targeted young Americans. Who can influence. “He hid the matter from the people of Georgia during the primaries, was caught, lied about it, and finally revealed it, then lied about it again.”

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Purdue went on to say that AUSOF dismissed a question about China in an interview with Fox News.

The republican claimed, “A question about his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party has never been answered.”

During a Thursday exchange with Fox News correspondent Peter Dossi, Ausoff described the accusations that he had intentionally failed to reveal compensation payments from the PCCW as “absolute nonsense.”

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Usov said his media company “has produced multiple investigations into the atrocities committed by ISIS war criminals. These investigations broadcast dozens of TV channels in dozens of countries around the world, and one of those TV channels was in Hong Kong. It is the essence of Senator Purdue’s campaign against me.”

Fox News’ Caleb Park contributed to this report.

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