Steam gets expanded support for the Xbox console

Steam gets expanded support for the Xbox console

newly Steam update beta Added new features for players who use Xbox controllers. One of the most interesting additions is for Xbox Elite console users, who can now use Valve’s software to attach the accessory’s rear paddles to console configurations. The feature gives players more flexibility in how they can use additional inputs on the premium console.

Other updates to Xbox consoles include the ability to link the X Series gamepad share button into console configurations, and the ability to use more than four Xbox consoles with Steam at one time. Rumble support has also been added for games using the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

The Steam beta client also includes a new dropdown menu for PS5 console users, which allows them to customize the console LED. It can now be permanently enabled or disabled, or only enabled when multiple controllers are connected. The update also adds support for Wooting two keyboard, Which contains features such as analog key entry.

For now, these new features are only available in the Steam beta client, which you can subscribe to by going to the settings menu, choosing an account, and using the dropdown menu in the trial sharing section. Xbox console features must also be enabled in the General console setup section of Steam settings, and require driver installation.

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