Teledyne is purchasing FLIR to create a supermarket sensor with thermal and laser vision

Teledyne is purchasing FLIR to create a supermarket sensor with thermal and laser vision

Industrial-sensor giant Teledyne will acquire FLIR, the Oregon-based company that makes thermal imaging and night vision technology. The companies announced Monday. The deal is valued at $ 8 billion in a mix of cash and stocks.

“At the core of both companies are proprietary sensor technologies. Our business models are also similar: We all provide sensors, cameras and sensor systems to our customers,” said Teledyne President Robert Mihrabian at statement. He added that the corporate sensors are “uniquely complementary, with minimal interference,” which may be important when regulators decide whether to approve the acquisition.

Oregon-based FLIR manufactures thermal imaging and night vision technology for the military, and for industrial and consumer applications – if you’ve seen infrared footage before, There is a good chance he will be captured With FLIR camera. FLIR also has some $ 60 million contracts with the military For her Black Hornet drone, and Hadron thermal camera used in Other drones approved by the military. So flair Equip a thermal imager Cameras for Zoox autonomous robotic robots, Which helps vehicles to better “see” people and driving conditions, which is especially important in urban areas.

Teledyne may also have technology useful for self-driving vehicles: In addition to making thermal sensors for defense and industrial customers, including NASA, it is one of the companies building the LIDAR (Light Detection and Range) sensors that you might see above yourself. – Driving car. LIDAR was also used on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission last October, which helped Map of asteroid Bennu So he can collect samples to bring them back to Earth. Teledyne should not be confused with Velodyne, whose LIDAR appeared in some autonomous driving prototypes and in early Google Cars, among others.

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The companies said the acquisition is expected to conclude sometime in the middle of the year, pending regulatory approval.

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