Tesla hires people to file complaints with Elon Musk on Twitter

Tesla hires people to file complaints with Elon Musk on Twitter

Tesla hires new customer service people to address complaints that customers send to Elon Musk on Twitter.

New Tesla Customer Service

If you like to work from home and check out Elon Musa’s replies on Twitter all day long, Tesla has the perfect job for you.

The automaker is listing a new car Remote customer service job As part of the role, Tesla wants the candidate to address “the CEO’s social media escalation”:

The specialist’s role is to resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and address the escalation of social media directed at the CEO with critical thinking. Introducing Tesla’s benchmarks of excellence, performing other duties and tasks including administrative and special projects. “

While the description mentions “social media,” CEO Elon Musk is known to mainly use Twitter.

These are Tesla connections

It’s nothing new that Tesla has people researching social media to get customer feedback and even address direct customer complaints.

We’ve received many reports from owners having trouble getting Tesla to deal with certain issues only to get a call back after posting to social media and tagging Tesla and / or Elon Musk.

Historically, Tesla has made it difficult to contact customer service because it has focused on communications that pass through its mobile app.

The automaker has made efforts to improve new features, such as The issue escalation feature is on its websiteBut people have had mixed results with it.

In the past year, Tesla has continued its unconventional communication approach through Solve the public relations department.

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At the moment it’s crazy to say, but one of the best ways to put something on Tesla’s radar is to tweet Elon Musk on Twitter.

Take an electric

I’ve often shared my thoughts about Tesla connections in the past. I think they are poor and one of the company’s biggest weaknesses.

Reliance on social media like Twitter is also a bad idea in the long run, in my opinion.

I’m not saying that someone in this position within Tesla wouldn’t be of value, maybe they would be, but there is a lot they can do on the communication front that will be more efficient than looking at Elon’s responses.

When it comes to customer service, not only does Tesla compete with other automakers, but it also competes with auto dealerships, which we all agree has its downsides, but one of its main advantages is that it provides regional customer service.

I think Tesla will do better by investing in employing more customer service professionals in their centers to provide a better experience locally.

Also, the Public Relations Department to respond to media inquiries would be a good start.

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