The party has ended for Disco Ball, who was revealed as a Grammy Award-winning musician and television star

The party has ended for Disco Ball, who was revealed as a Grammy Award-winning musician and television star

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We’re still not done The Mystery Singer. In fact, we’ve been re-performing Sun’s shows time and time again since then Won and revealed Such as Lyn Rimes In Season 4 Final. But move on to the occasional event The Masked Dancer It wasn’t too bad, as we saw basically the same faces from etc. (Who will return in 2021).

Ken JeongFox, who is the actual Fox mascot at this point, is back in his familiar spot at the panelists table next to him etc. Season 4 giraffe, Also known as Brian Austin Green. She was hosting Al Shindaj Craig Robinson, Who was a guest member of Brother From Another Mother. Really the only new additions to Masked It was an expanding television universe Paula Abdul | And the Ashley Tisdale, Who joined Jeong and Green as members of the committee.

The structure of this nine-episode program will be familiar etc. Watchers – 10 masked contestants compete in two groups, until they are reduced to Super Six and eventually into three Finalists. The main difference between shows – besides dancing – is that there are more opportunities for contestants to uncover clues. There are hints in the information packs and choreography, plus members of the committee hear a single word from the voices of real dancers and ask them questions.

Before we get into the summary, I must deny that I know very little about dance terminology, so you’ll read a lot of “he did what he’s doing” and “I’ve definitely missed a move,” because I rarely know exactly what kind of move someone breaks.

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Anyway, tonight we met with competitors from Group A: Hammerhead, Tulip, Cricket, Disco Ball, and Exotic Bird. The ripped shark danced to Backstreet Boys’ “Everyone”, then we heard his true voice. He threw me away because he’s built like a Jersey Shore Guido but his voice belongs to someone the case may have been thrown into a locker in high school.

While we don’t know who he is, “we all you do not know Robinson said, taking page by page Nick Cannon Hosting School.

Next, Tulip danced to Fergie’s Fergalicious, which looked young from “OK bloomer” in the Evidence Pack, steps straight from the TikTok dance challenge, and even the TikTok symbol she created with her own hands / petals on stage. Tulip will be one of the contestants to be conquered, as her agility and energy, not to mention the expert tap dance, make it clear that she is no stranger to the dance floor.

Cricket took third place, dotting to “Jump for My Love” for the Pointer Sisters, followed by Disco Ball riding to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”. The latter was a little rough, but if you looked at the aggressive positivity of the committee members, you would have thought that he was performing an Olympic back-workout. And you thought the judges were so nice The Mystery Singer!

Finally, Exotic Bird danced (in the heels, not least) to Con Calma – Remix by Daddy Yankee, Katy Perry and Snow.

The first contestant to be eliminated was … the disco ball!

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Green guessed it was LL Cool J, Jeong said Smoky Robinson, Abdul Feng Rames said, and Tesdale predicted it was Lionel Richie.

Disco Ball has been revealed as a rapper and actor ice tea!

Clues that point to Law and order: SVU Includes the star saying he’s ready to “serve and protect” as well as showing off a shark’s fin in reference to a shark fin. SVU Odafin’s character “Fin” Tutuola, saying he wants to show off his “true colors” (the rapper has a song called “Colors” from the 1988 movie of the same name), his proof of Word Up “Grammy” (he has one win and three nominations), and his name was Literally in the evidence pack when they showed off a pitcher of iced tea!

ice tea He told EW on his exit interview He only had two hours to learn the choreography, and when it was time to perform the mask, his only concern was to stay erect. “I threw all the choreography out the window. I said I just didn’t want to spoil my ass on national TV like this. That would be a nightmare.”

The Masked Dancer Sloths, Ice Cube, Zebra, Cotton Candy, and Miss Group B will introduce us on Wednesday, Jan 6, and will continue broadcasting on the same day moving forward.

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