Shaquille O’Neal: LeBron James could overtake Michael Jordan and be the greatest NBA player ever if he did these things

Shaquille O'Neal: LeBron James could overtake Michael Jordan and be the greatest NBA player ever if he did these things

The debate will go on forever: LeBron James Michael Jordan. NBA fans, players, and analysts have been discussing it for years, comparing stats, episodes, impact, the way the game has changed and more.

Shaquille O’Neal sat in the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame with the song “All Things Covered” to give his thoughts on the GOAT conversation and had fun as he felt the gap that currently exists between players.

While some are not interested in the conversation, O’Neill says he believes James cares about other people’s opinions.

“I know LeBron, and I know he’s thinking what people think,” said a former Liker.

“We’re looking at the stats,” he admitted, breaking the difference between players in terms of numbers.

“He has already crossed Kobe and Jordan on points … He will also creep over Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar). I think he’s looking forward to Kareem’s pass,” Shaq said.

Looking at the tournaments, James has four – he just got a fourth episode last season with The Lakers – while Bryant finished with five and Jordan finished with six.

“I think LeBron is looking to connect Kobe and Jordan’s draw to the tournaments,” Shaq said. “If he tied with Mike, I think people would be leaning a little bit more towards LeBron being the best player in the world.”

While at the moment it appears that Chuck is leaning toward MJ on James, he has not ruled out the possibility of its flipping, saying that if James outperforms Abdul-Jabbar on points and Jordan in the rings, “the conversation will likely change.”

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James, 36, has been playing in the league since 2003 and is showing no sign of leaving the league anytime soon.

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